Lunch Menu

Download a printable menu here 


Chili Pop Shrimp
tossed in a hot & sweet chili sauce 11

Crab Cake Miniatures
jumbo lump crab, petite greens, creamy chipotle herb 14

Macaroni & Cheese
parmesan herb crumble, 10

Crispy Calamari
crisp watercress, chipotle aioli, lemon 12

Spicy Tuna Wontons
wasabi mayo, sweet soy, crispy wontons, sweet roe 12

Mesquite Grilled Jumbo Chicken Wings
Buffalo, Memphis BBQ or Old Bay beer honey 11

Brussel Sprouts
jalapeños, garlic, ginger, sweet soy glaze 10

Black Bean Turkey Chili
cheddar jack & green onions 7


(Add Soup du Jour $5)

black beans, corn, bacon, tomatoes, cheddar jack cheese, tortilla strips, in a jalapeno-cheddar tortilla bowl, jalapeno-cilantro vinaigrette, 14

garlic croutons, garlic Caesar dressing, 11

Cobb Salad
bacon, bleu cheese crumbles, tomatoes, cucumber, hard boiled egg, avocado, cream herb dressing, 13

Iceberg Wedge
chopped tomatoes, bacon, bleu cheese, creamy herb & balsamic drizzle, 10

Power Salad
spinach, power blend, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, feta, quinoa, white balsamic vinaigrette, 14

SALAD ADDITIONS: grilled chicken +5, buttermilk fried chicken +6, sliced skirt steak* +7, grilled shrimp +6, grilled salmon* +7


Add a small salad for +6: Garden or Caesar
All fish can be prepared simply grilled with Spanish rice

Iron Skillet Chicken Tacos
queso fundido, grilled onions, pico de gallo, salsa verde, Spanish rice, corn tortillas, 18

Chesapeake Omelet
fresh lump crab, gruyere, chipotle aioli, 16

Barbecued Baby Back Ribs
house-smoked, Blackjack BBQ, & french fries, (half rack) 17

Loaded Mac & Cheese
applewood smoked bacon, lump crab, tortilla strips & sour cream, 18

Filet Mignon*
8oz, jumbo onion ring, vegetable du jour, steak sauce, 32

Pan Roasted Salmon*
charred tomato butter, Spanish rice 22


Served with French fries
Add Soup du Jour for +5, Subsitute an alternate side +2.50, substitute a side salad +6, garden or Caesar

GF Prime Burger
creekstone farms, served on a brioche bun, 12

Herb Grilled Chicken Breast
honey mustard, lettuce, tomato & onion, 11

Marinated Steak Sandwich*
sauteed onions, provolone, shredded lettuce, tomato, 18

Crab Cake BLT
6oz fresh lump crab on brioche with tartar, 20

Crispy Chicken Caesar Wrap
romaine lettuce, garlic dressing & shaved parmesan, 13

Turkey Reuben
power blend cole slaw, thousand island, Swiss, rye, 14

Short Rib Grilled Cheese
cheddar, caramelized onions, 15

Seared Tuna Wrap
black beans, pico de gallo, avocado, baby greens, wasabi mayo, 17

Nashville Hot Fried Chicken Sandwich
housemade bread & butter pickles, lettuce, tomato, brioche, 14

Classic Club
applewood bacon, house roasted turkey, Black Forest ham, mayonnaise, tomatoes & red leaf lettuce on grilled sourdough bread, 13

ADDITIONS: ($2 ea) cheddar, American, Swiss, provolone, bleu cheese, roasted mushrooms, sauteed onions, applewood bacon


French Fries 4
Sweet Potato Fries 5
Spanish Rice 5
Sweet Potato Wedges maple honey butter 6
Vegetable of the Day 6
Creamed Spinach 6